Dedicated to absent friends in memory still bright.
It is with deep regret that we note the passing of club members.
into the ranks of Silent Keys.

10 JANUARY 2014
WA5MWM - EDWARD "BUD" HALE became a silent key this date.

8 Mar 2013
KF5CCS - Willard Wood, Gene's (KC5WS) Father became a SK this date.
Mr. Wood was 96 years old.

22 Dec 2012
K5OR - Jerry Miller, a Louisiana Contest Club and also Twin City Ham Club member, became a silent key. Jerry, an Extra class licensee, also helped many fellow Amateurs by looking over their tower plans. He enjoyed contesting and helping others with their stations.

WD5TL - Tom Leggett
(ex) N5KWB

KK5VM - Lynn Tiller
Lynn was the club treasurer

WB5SOT - Henry Little

WB5IKT - Chuck Berdine

W5HUD - Alan Hudspeth

WB5SOT - Jason Cameron,
Grandson of Henry Little also held the call

K5WGQ - Bill Blanton

WA5ZCF - Bobby Henricks

WA5QVN - Frank Boyd

KD5OQB - Sandra Chesney

WA5MWH - Dave Watson

W5HFQ - Harry Cook

KF5HN - Buddy Franton

W5ITI - Gordon Williams, Sr

KE5YO - Bill Russell

NB5K - Ken Bain, Sr.

WB5LRE - Thomas "ED" Griffith

WD5EAG - Jerry Albright

Mike McQueen

WA5FLR - Earl Thompson

WA5VQR - Charlie De Poe

WA5VQP - Billie Van Etten

WA5VQQ - Edward Van Etten

W5JPV - Ted Van Landingham

KC5CZ - Bill Rains

KA5JNS - Jim Boyington

KA5PQL/AC5DW - Curtis Ebey

K5ELM - Milton Parker

KB5PXE - Pat Marsala

KC5OTD - Nancy Givens

Some may be missing so please get the information to "webmaster [at] nelarc [dot] net"